Educational Background:

1955 - 1961: Studies at Novosibirsk Technical University .

Academic Degrees:

1970: Candidate of Physics (an equivalent of Ph.D.), Institute of Nuclear Physics. Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science.
1978: Doctor of Science. Computing Center. Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.
1997: Professor of the Earth's Physics. Institute of Geophysics SB RAS.

Professional employment:

2004 - Present: Institute of Space Physical Research and Radio Waves Propagation (IKIR) Eastern Branch of RAS.
1982 - 2004: Institute of Geophysics SB RAS. Head of the Geophysical Observatory.
1971 - 1982: Applied Physical Institute. Novosibirsk. Head of the Laboratory.
1961 - 1971: Institute of Nuclear Physics. Engineer - investigator.

Research Grants:

RFBR : ??: 94-05-16041-; 96-05-66055-; 97-05-79075-; 99-05-64676-; 99-05-79083-; 00-05-79116-; 03-05-65080-.

Integration projects: RAS presidium (? 13.13). SB RAS (? 50).

INTAS - 99-00348.

NATO - 97 (contacts).

Principle research activities:

The aim of my research is to develop my fundamentally new models and approaches inside physics of the Earth, earthquakes and solar-terrestrial physics, namely:

1. Physics of the Earth. The essentially new model of the "hot" Earth including the following problems: the Earth and the Solar system formation, the hot Earth interior order and its thermodynamics. The geomagnetic field generation and the magnetic poles drift models. The minimization principle of the gravitational potential employed in my working out new approaches to the problems of continents dynamics and the Earth's seismicity.

2. Earthquakes Physics. The sound-radiating cracks ensemble model accounting for the shock-wave (SW) model of the earthquakes. The model of the earthquake source to be the radiator of the seismic waves generated under the shock waves splitting. Model of the heavy soil motions to mark the shock wave emerge to the Earth's surface. Deep earthquakes and aftershocks models. Operations with a powerful seismovibrator serving as a "controllable earthquake" to justify the discovered effects nature in the context of the proposed model of the earthquakes.

3. Solar-terrestrial physics. The model of the atmospheric electric field. Experimental studies of the atmospheric electricity qualities and its relation to the seismic processes. Studies of the unitary variation of the atmospheric electric field, ionosphere and magnetosphere to elucidate their interrelations with cosmic rays. Physics of infrasound oscillation during seismic events, its ultralong propagation and seismo-ionosphere effects. The Earth's climate and life evolution affected by exposure to cosmic rays during geomagnetic field reversals and excursions.


Born in 1938.
School years: 1945-1955.
Novosibirsk Technical University student: 1955-1961.

E-mail: ikir@academ.org